Maggie Lindemann on tour

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Having accumulated over 600 million streams with global juggernaut “Pretty Girl,” which is now Certified platinum in the United States, UK, Australia & Italy, 2x Certified Platinum in Ireland & Norway, and 3x Certified Platinum in Sweden, Gerald Tennison is a certified hit maker. Signing pop singer Maggie Lindemann in late 2014, Tennison is on a mission. His first official single release, Lindemann’s “Pretty Girl”, charted all over the world and has generated over 2.6 million sales equivalents to date. The single also catapulted Maggie Lindeman’s monthly Spotify listeners to over 18 million a month.

Maggie Lindemann is the name on the lips of anyone and everyone who has access to a social media account right now. Meanwhile, Gerald Tennison (Ke$ha, Becky G, Juicy J, Zara Larsson) is a former Sony Music Entertainment record label executive who made his very own discovery online in the form of social media sensation Maggie Lindemann. Since discovering Maggie from just a couple of well-placed notes on YouTube, the two have come together and combined their respective talents in order to create a truly formidable team in the music industry.

As the story goes, the then 16-year-old Maggie Lindemann said goodbye to her family in San Antonio and relocated to Los Angeles to create music in 2014. It has all the trappings of a fairy tale, but our heroine’s penchant for speaking her mind (and dropping the F-bomb) immediately ensured this journey would be far from typical…

“I always have something to say,” she grins. “Even if it gets me in trouble, I’m not afraid to say what I feel needs to be said. I’m not scripted. I don’t censor who I am. I’ve been through some shit. I think it’s cool I can fully be myself.”

Growing up in Dallas, Maggie joined the church choir at just 4-years-old, quietly working towards realizing her dream from that point on. In junior high school, she started recording videos of her singing and posting them on the social media app KEEK, developing a fervent following. A clip of Maggie made it on to a fan’s Instagram page, which former Sony Music Marketing Strategist Gerald Tennison found. Much to the family’s surprise, Gerald reached out, asking to manage Maggie.

A week later, the budding songstress made a trip to L.A. to meet with Gerald. Returning home, she spoke to her family and made the decision to leave her loved ones, friends, animals and old life behind. Rolling the dice, she hopped a plane West and chose to give everything up for that dream within weeks. “I’ve been singing nearly my whole life,” she goes on. “It was just something I had to do. I needed to give it a shot.”

Upon arriving in L.A., Maggie spent a year-and-a-half locked in a studio, writing, recording, and honing her voice. With a growing social media imprint, she maintained constant contact through consistent content. Rather than simply capitalize on the digital platforms, she opted to grind the old-fashioned way—cutting countless tracks. Influenced by everyone from Lana Del Rey and BANKS to Marina & The Diamonds, she fashioned a focused and fiery style through diligence and dedication to the craft.

“The direction I’m going in is dark, sultry pop,” she exclaims. “That’s who I am.”

With no traditional promotion, her 2015 independent debut single ‘Knocking On Your Heart’ crashed into the Top 20 of iTunes’ Top Alternative Songs chart, while its follow-up ‘Couple of Kids’ went Top 30. 2016’s ‘Things’ trended worldwide on Twitter and landed on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Worldwide. In the aftermath, her Instagram covers of Rihanna’s ‘Love on the Brain’ and Kehlani’s ‘Letter’ would each quickly crack over 200,000 views. Courted by numerous major labels, she signed to 300 Entertainment.

“I’ve experienced and learned so much,” she admits. “Every song has been a stepping stone. Putting out music is something I’ve always wanted to do. Signing to a label and having it come out is just unreal to me.”

Produced by Jayson DeZuzio (Imagine Dragons, Jamie N Commons), her major label debut ‘Pretty Girl’ became a global smash hit, reaching the Top 10 in the UK and being certified Gold or Platinum in twelve key countries including the United States. It generated over 330 million streams at Spotify, where it catapulted Maggie Lindemann’s monthly listeners to over 18 million a month.

“It’s about getting judged based on your looks and what’s said on social media,” she explains. “People will think they know you just from that. There’s more to someone than physical appearance. The song basically says, ‘Screw that!’ Being a young woman, I feel like we’re very judged based on our looks alone. This is a song for everyone who feels that way.”

Having accumulated over 400 million global streams while garnering the attention from the likes of Vogue, People, NYLON and Cosmopolitan, there’s no denying Maggie Lindemann is quickly becoming one of pop music’s most exciting new stars. She builds on that burgeoning reputation with her new single ‘Obsessed’ – a glittering pop gem infused with tropical synths and saccharine melodies.

Maggie recently collaborated with The Vamps on their new single ‘Personal’ which they recently performed together at Radio 1’s Teen Awards. The track is now in its fifth consecutive week of being playlisted at Radio 1. Their connection will continue when Maggie appears as special guest on The Vamps’ arena tour which commences next year and includes a date at The O2 in London on April 28th.

Outside of music, The New York Times recently revealed that Maggie Lindemann has partnered with luxury make-up brand Pat McGrath for the ‘So Obsessed’ campaign, a collection of liquid matte lipsticks which are available exclusively via Maggie’s Spotify profile. The campaign aims to celebrate artistic expression and individuality, and the partnership with Maggie was a natural fit as she encapsulates Pat McGrath’s ethos of constantly looking to inspire and create.

As she continues to speak her mind and bring a little attitude to pop, Maggie stands primed to leave a mark.

“I don’t want people to just expect poppy songs because I’m a teen girl,” she concludes. “The boundaries are wide open. I’m going to do what I want, say what I want, and be what I want. I hope everyone feels like they can do the same thing when they hear me.”