Maggie Lindemann Is Not Just A “Pretty Girl”

After wreaking havoc on iTunes with self-released singles“Knocking On My Heart,” “Couple Of Kids” and “Things,”it was only a matter of time before Maggie Lindemanngot signed. The social media sensation recently inked a deal with 300 Entertainment (the home of Fetty Wapand Conrad Sewell) and celebrates the milestone with a new single called “Pretty Girl.” Which is something of a departure from her independent fare. The dark and gloomy sound of the 18-year-old’s early material has given way to a more defiant and optimistic approach.

“If I drink, if I smoke, I keep up with the guys,” she declares in the catchy chorus. “Fuck your ribbons and your pearls, ’cause I’m not just a pretty girl.” I preferred the diva’s dark-pop phase, but the song has an important message. “It’s about getting judged based on your looks and what’s said on social media,” Maggie explains in the song’s presser. “There’s more to someone than physical appearance… being a young woman, I feel like we’re very judged based on our looks alone.” Listen to “Pretty Girl” here.