Maggie Lindemann unveils her latest single, “Self Sabotage”.

Maggie Lindemann is back with her newest single, “Self Sabotage,” following the release of several successful singles from her upcoming debut album, SUCKERPUNCH. Listen to self sabotage HERE Maggie’s new album, SUCKERPUNCH, is a 15-track collection that explores the journey of self-discovery and actualisation. The song is about not allowing yourself to receive the love you deserve,…

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“You’re Not Special”

American singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann has made a name for herself in the pop and alternative music genres. In 2021, she released PARANOIA EP, featuring hit tracks “Knife Under My Pillow” and “Crash and Burn”. Maggie has since released new singles, including “She Knows It”, “How Could You Do This to Me?” (featuring Sleeping With Sirens’…

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Maggie Lindemann and Siiickbrain join forces on “break me!”

Maggie Lindemann has released a new single, “break me!,” featuring Siiickbrain. The track is from her forthcoming debut album, SUCKERPUNCH. Lindemann spoke about the themes of “break me!” in a press release. “It’s all the feelings it gives you, that rush of fear and adrenaline, but also the calmness and peace,” Lindemann says.  “The video is meant to…

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Maggie Lindemann releases new single feat. Kellin Quinn join forces for “how could you do this to me”

Maggie Lindemann has released a new single, “how could you do this to me,” featuring Sleeping With Sirens‘ Kellin Quinn. The track arrives ahead of Lindemann’s debut album, SUCKERPUNCH. Lindemann announced the title of her debut record via an official website that unlocks special content. She also took inspiration from the horror film Saw to conceptualize the site. “Saw is one of my favorite…

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