The Metamorphosis of Maggie Lindemann (Rolling Stone)

The rising star unpacks the story behind her debut EP, Paranoia — and, for the first time ever, goes into detail about her detainment in Malaysia two years ago

On the day of the show, Lindemann floated through press meetings, warm-ups, and soundcheck with ease. When it was time to get in front of an audience, she was prepared. What happened next is still a bit of a blur; she explains that the shock and anxiety that came with her arrest make recollecting her experience difficult.

Once she was backstage, the officers started ushering her away. Her manager, Gerald Tennison, bolted up from the front-of-house, asking for an explanation. In the venue’s green room, they were instructed to turn off their phones. “We were being detained because we were performing illegally,” Lindemann says. “And, obviously, we’re panicking because we have no idea what’s going on.” (Asked for comment on this story, Malaysia’s Consul General in Los Angeles said that Lindemann “was found to have misused her social visit pass to Malaysia, [under] which no employment of any kind can be undertaken. In other words, it is a tourist visa.”) Read more on